Industry Guest & Subject Expert Lecture Series

How To Learn Anything Fast By Arvind Kumar
GoldiLock Concepts By Arvind Kumar
Domino Effect By Arvind Kumar
6 Morning Habit By Arvind Kumar
Overcoming Addictions by Mr. Arvind Kumar
Will Power By Mr. Arvind Kumar
How to Deal With Low Marks In Interview By Arvind Kumar
Online Interview Do’s and Don’ts By Mr. Arvind Kumar
How to tell about project in interview
How to learn effectively by Arvind Kumar
Why should I hire you by Arvind Kumar
Do’s and Dont’s of interview
Take ownership of career by Mr. Arvind Kumar
Dreams by Mr Arvind Kumar
New Direction by Mr Arvind Kumar
Opportunity in crisis by Mr. Arvind Kumar
Deliberate Practice by Mr. Arvind Kumar
Image Processing-II by Dr. Karthik Seemakurthy
Cyber Security-Right Step Towards Your Future by Ms Shifa Cyclewaala
How to deal with difficult subject by Mr. Arvind Kumar
Talent vs Effort by Mr Arvind Kumar
How to prepare for essay test by Arvind Kumar
Image Processing by Dr. Karthik Seemakurthy
Unlocking Success in Digital Transformation by Ms Emmy Anita
Self Introduction – Part II by Mr. Arvind Kumar
Self Introduction – Part I by Arvind Kumar
How to prepare for Verbal Ability by Mr. Arvind Kumar
Challenges and opportunity in the current work environment by Mr. Manmay Prasad
Showcasing the strengths and weakness by Mr. Arvind Kumar
IT intervention in healthcare by Mr. Srikumar Dasgupta
Identifying strengths and abilities by Mr. Arvind Kumar
Emerging Technologies leveraging through online platforms by Mr. Venkatraman Umakanth
Procrastination by Arvind Kumar
Digital Detoxification by Mr. Dnyaneshwar Nerkar
Fear of Interview by Mr Arvind Kumar
How COVID-19 will impact placements by Mr. Anshul Sharma
How to improve coding skills by Mr. Arvind kumar
Technologies of Future by Ms. Meenakshi Khera
Road to success by Mr. Viney Kaushik
Career Enhancement & Skill Development by Ms Swati Agarwal
How to improve vocabulary by Mr. Arvind Kumar
How to prepare for Group Discussion by Arvind Kumar
High Potential (HiPO) Industries of Covid Era by Ms. Ruma Batheja
How to prepare for technical interview by Mr. Arvind Kumar
How to prepare for technical test by Mr. Arvind Kumar
Learning in turbulent times (Question & Answer Session) Part – 2 by Mr. Ahmad Sabih Kidwai
Learning in turbulent times(Part-1) by Mr. Ahmad Sabih Kidwai
How to prepare for quants and logical section by Mr. Ashok Kumar RV
How to prepare for campus recruitment drives by Mr. Kamaleshwar